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The beautiful property of Cà Marsure is situated in Fagnigola town, village of Azzano X, province of Pordenone, in the Western Region of Friuli. Strategically located a few kilometers away from Venice, Udine and Trieste.

Immersed in a large park, caressed by the river Sile, Cà Marsure is a residence of refined charm, where history, tradition and warm welcome, merge.

This old property, which adjoins the church of Saint Michael, you already track from the fourteenth century. Later, appearing in both the cadastre Napoleonic cadastral maps than in the Austrian register. The presence of human settlements in western Friuli is documented, however, until the end of the period of Neanderthal man. The village of Fagnigola in particular has been inhabited since Neolithic times, as shown by archaeological finds on site. It was then a Roman colony in the Middle Ages and became a possession of the Abbey of Sesto al Reghena. The ancient history that is breathed in these places makes it even more attractive to stay in Cà Marsure.

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Cà Marsure
Via Chiesa Antica 6
Loc. Fagnigola
33082 Azzano Decimo (PN)